The Best Sleep Apnea Mouth Guards

The Best Sleep Apnea Mouth Guards

For those suffering from sleep apnea, the oxygen deprivation and interruption to your sleep can start to cause serious long term health problems. So it’s important to find a solution that can provide immediate relief while still being practical to use.

A sleep apnea mouth guard could be exactly what you are looking for. A good dental mouth guard for sleep apnea can also treat snoring, teeth grinding, and other sleep issues. So read our guide her to learn more about how to use an oral mouth guard for sleep apnea and check out some sleep apnea mouth guard reviews!

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What Does A Mouth Guard For Sleep Apnea Do?

The main reason that people will develop sleep apnea is obesity. But another very common factor is your jaw shape. So if you aren’t overweight and you still have sleep apnea, don’t feel too bewildered. It could be your jaw.

If you have an overbite, this means that your lower jaw is set further back than your upper jaw. When you lay down on your back, the lower jaw slides even further back. In a regular jaw, this sliding would not cause a problem. But in an overbite, it could slide back far enough to cause an obstruction in your airway.

Deep Overbite Illustration

So what a mouth guard is designed to do is fit over your teeth and gently pull your lower jaw forward. This is similar to what a chin strap is doing. The difference is that you don’t have to wear anything around your head.

With a mouth guard, it’s more like just wearing a retainer to bed. You can get used to it pretty quickly. And because of the design, it is usually a little more effective at keeping your lower jaw forward than a chin strap.

It’s also convenient for managing any other sleep problems you might have like teeth grinding and snoring. So it is a great multi-purpose device in addition to being a great sleep apnea device.

If your dentist or doctor is recommending that you start using a mouth guard, they are probably also going to recommend that you buy it from them. And unless your insurance covers it (which is unlikely), you’re looking at spending a couple grand.

Yes, you get a custom molded fit and it is high quality. But that’s still a couple grand that you would probably rather keep in your bank account, right? Luckily, there are some companies manufacturing high quality mouth guards that are very effective and sold at a fraction of the cost. You can even get custom molded ones and pay just a couple hundred instead of a couple grand!

We’ll look at some of our favorites a little later. First, you should read through a few tips on how to use a mouth guard for sleep apnea effectively.

How To Use A Mouth Guard For Sleep Apnea?

For starters, you need to make sure you find the best mouth guard for you. Here are some basic things that it needs to include:

  • Top and bottom pieces to cover both upper and lower teeth.
  • A metal hinge attaching the two pieces together.
  • Preferably the ability to lock the hinge in place at the setting that feels best for you.

When using a mouth guard, you also want to make sure you get something that is sturdy enough to securely hold your jaw forward but also thin and flexible enough that it can fit inside your mouth without feeling too bulky.

If the mouth guard is too large for you, you can end up waking up with a sore mouth and jaw from holding it in through the night.

You will also need to pay attention to any dry mouth symptoms. Some mouth guards can cause a dry mouth feeling in the morning that can leave you feeling parched and your lips chapped.

This is a fairly common problem and you can treat it by coating your lips and the mouth guard in coconut oil or olive oil. This is a natural, non-toxic way to keep your lips and gums moisturized through the night.

Night Mouth Guard Used By Woman

Another point to remember is that you need to keep your mouth guard clean. This thing is sitting inside your mouth for hours on end. Even if you brushed and flossed your teeth, your mouth will still have bacteria in it.

Rinse your mouth guard each morning after you take it out. Store it in a container that prevents it from coming in contact with bacteria and contaminants in the air. And use a special mouth guard cleaner to do a more thorough cleansing at least once a week (although you can do this daily if you wish.

Following these practices will ensure that you have a comfortable (and sanitary) experience with your mouth guard so that you can fully enjoy all of the benefits of sleeping through the night without worrying that your breathing will stop!

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Mouth Guard For Sleep Apnea

So you have read about how and why a mouth guard can work to treat your sleep apnea. And you know the tricks to making sure you can wear it comfortably and safely throughout the night. Now, it’s time to start looking at what’s out there and deciding which mouth guard is best for you. Below you will find our 3 favorite mouth guards for sleep apnea!

J&S Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard – Upper

This is probably the closest thing to a dentist-designed mouth guard that you are going to find.


  • Custom fit using your actual dental moldings
  • Easy to use DIY dental molding kit
  • Your choice of either soft, semi-hard, or hard acrylic material
  • Your choice of thickness ranging from 0.04 to 0.12 inches
  • High quality manufacturing will keep it lasting for up to 5 years
  • Absolutely no latex used so it’s non-allergenic
  • Totally BPA free
  • Unlimited free adjustments until it fits the way you want it.
J&S Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard On Blue Box

This really is almost exactly the same thing you are paying a couple grand for at your dentist office. It’s high quality. It’s completely customized to your mouth and your preferences. And you even get unlimited adjustments so that you can make sure you are getting the most perfectly customized mouth guard that money can buy!

It’s really a great choice and you won’t find anything more perfectly and comfortably fitting. However, there aren’t any hinges on the guards so you will need to get those installed separately. Beyond that, they really are the best mouth guards out there!

Eliminator Pro Adjustable Night Guard Bruxism Mouthpiece Aid

This is another great mouth guard that gives you a more customized fit without charging you the same prices as a dentist will.


  • Precise auto-molding lets you customize it to your bite
  • Clear measurement readings allow for easy calibration
  • Precision lock technology allows you to lock it in place once you’ve chosen the correct setting
Pro Adjustable Night Guard Bruxism Mouthpiece Aid On Table

This is pretty much everything you could ask for in a mouth guard for sleep apnea. The “auto-molding” gives you an instant custom mold. All you have to do is boil the mouth guard when it first arrives.

Once the material has softened through the boiling process, you put it in your mouth and bite down. This way, your teeth directly mold into the material. It will then re-harden as it cools, retaining the shape of your teeth.

So it is like instantly creating a custom molded mouth guard. Beyond that, we also love the locking mechanism that allows you to click the hinges into the correct position for your jaw and then lock it in place so that you can be sure it’s not moving around while you sleep.

SER 100# Serenity Sleep Aid Custom Night Mouth Guard

For a more affordable but still effective option, you want to check out this mouth guard from Serenity.


  • Custom auto-molding to fit it to your bite
  • Quality durable semi-hard material
  • Comfortable design for both upper and lower jaw
SER 100# Serenity Sleep Aid Custom Night Mouth Guard With Box

This is a great development in affordable mouth guards. It gives you the customizability of a high end design without the same price tag. And it helps encourage you to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

That’s because it’s designed with no more than a tiny hole to allow air to pass through when you have both pieces in place. That way, you have to breathe through your nose. This prevents snoring and prevents sleep apnea!

Final Word

The best sleep apnea mouth guard is ultimately going to be the one that you feel comfortable wearing every single night. Usually, that means it should be custom fitted to your mouth but in some cases, the ready-made kind can be just as comfortable and effective. Find the one that seems like the best choice for you and experience the difference it can make today!

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