J&S Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard

J&S Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard

Sleep apnea is an increasingly common condition that can severely impact the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life. So if you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it’s important to take steps to address the root causes of it (such as obesity).

However, because there is no instant cure and surgery is usually not recommended until you have tried all your other options, you will need to use some kind of sleep apnea device to help you get a quality night of sleep. This sleep apnea mouth guard is one of the best you can find. Learn more below!

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Features & Benefits

This is one of the best mouth guards you could choose because it is custom made to fit your teeth. Check out the key specs below:

  • Custom fit by sending in your own easy to make dental moldings.
  • Choose from soft, semi-hard, and hard acrylic
  • Choose a thickness ranging from 0.04 inch to 0.12 inch.
  • Can last up to 5 years!
  • Non-allergenic. Material is totally latex free.
  • BPA-free
  • Unlimited free adjustments until it is exactly the right fit.

So the way that this mouth guard works is by fitting over your teeth and it can be attached to metal hinges which will help gently draw the lower jaw forward. This basically holds your jaw up so that it doesn’t collapse during the night and block your airway.

And as a plus, this will also help with teeth grinding at night as well because it acts a protective layer between your teeth! So you can kill two birds with one stone if you suffer from both problems!

One of the most important things that a device like this can do is help you to breathe consistently and easily throughout the night so that you are actually getting the oxygen you need. This will set you on an upward trend in a number of ways.

First of all, you will wake up feeling more rested and energized. Secondly, that extra energy throughout the day will reduce your cravings for unhealthy junk that could be worsening your sleep apnea. It is also the energy you need to complete a workout problem which could help treat the cause of your sleep apnea!

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And one of the nice perks of using a mouth guard is that you don’t have to deal with gear strapped to your face while you sleep. So if you have a mild case of sleep apnea, this could be a fantastic solution.

So, overall, this custom teeth night guard can be an important tool in your fight against sleep apnea! Plus it is custom designed to fit your teeth. That means it will fit you much more comfortably than the ready-made kinds. And it will be more effective since it is designed to suit exactly your jaw.

Potential Drawbacks To Consider

As you might expect with anything that is custom made to fit you, these mouth guards are a little bit on the pricier side. To get both the bottom and top pieces, you are going to have to drop a few hundred dollars. However, if you spread those costs over the 5 years that you’ll be able to use them, it really is worth it. And if you consider how much more comfortable and effective they are going to be, it’s really actually not that expensive in the end!

What Others Say

One of the best ways to really get a sense of how a product will perform or what kind of benefits it might provide for you is to see how satisfied (or unsatisfied) other people were with it. Check out these real testimonials to see what others have to say about it:

“When I received my kit from J&S, it seemed it might be a bit complicated. But it really wasn't. I made my impressions and sent them off. Within five days, I had my night guard in hand. Although mine required an adjustment (I have an unusual bite), the adjustment was easy for them to make. And the night guard is great! It is SO MUCH BETTER than the $30 night guards. It is thin and fits wonderfully. After being unable to sleep with the $30 night guard…I was able to sleep the whole night through on the very first night with the J&S night guard.”

Yes, you do pay a little more. But it’s still much cheaper than what the dentist will charge and the quality difference between this and the cheap generic ones you find is definitely noticeable!

As helpful as testimonials can be in helping you understand the real value a product can add, you do have to keep in mind that different people do have different needs and priorities.

So while these testimonials you have read can be helpful, you might also want to look for more testimonials and reviews from customers who have very similar needs and priorities as you do. Doing this will give you the most accurate idea of how well a product will match your specific needs.

J&S Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard On White Surface On Yellow Mold

Buying Advice

While there is always some risk in ordering online, when you go with a reputable site like amazon, you can be sure you are getting what you ordered. And by ordering online, you have time to try out the product at home and send it back if it’s not performing as expected.

Final Word

These are probably the best mouth guards that you are going to find on the market because they are custom made to fit your jaw. While they are intended to be used for stopping the damage from teeth grinding, they can also provide some relief for sleep apnea patients as well. Do some additional research and see if these are the right choice for you!

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